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Moving On

I have decided to move onto something different for my blog.

You can now follow me here:


Hopefully, it will grow along with my creativity.

Thanks Livejournal.

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Thirtieth

the machine's droning stopped with a click  
peace ran back to see  
birds take wing  

The end of NaPoMo for this year.

My mom gave me a love for words. She taught how to play with them. She's been gone a year on Monday. I miss her. 

So to remember her, I varied from the traditional format a tad.

Grace and peace be with you...

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Ninth

swarthy observer 
aloof, judges man's follies 
chuckles, glides away 

This is way too much fun. Thanks for the indulgence.

Image in the Public Domain courtesy of photos-public-domain.com

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Eighth

perched in arrogance 
holding court, glares cleave flesh, soul 
picking scabs at whim 

Caught up from missing yesterday. Now to think of what my dark friends are doing next...

Image in the Public Domain courtesy of www.public-domain-image.com

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Seventh

Image Public Domain courtesy of www.public-domain-image.com

sinister quorum  
onyx orbs feign repentance  
while coy smiles cajole

More poems about crows.

I could get used to this.

Image in the Public Domain courtesy of www.public-domain-image.com

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Sixth

obnoxious dark prince
preaches mischief, call to arms
murder of fellows

Inspired by my friend/mentor Goat.

She challenges me to write poetry and she says, "Here, I will give you a subject -- write about crows."

Here you go.

I thought about stealing a picture from her blog. That would have been the apropos, "crowish" thing to do.

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Fifth

atomic bonds sing
protests against entropy
ache for the return

Inspired by Habakkuk 2:1-4

All of creation is designed to reflect back the truth and beauty of the Creator.

But it is fundamentally broken due to sin and it is in a cosmic tailspin, degrading to chaos.

There is a universal longing for the restoration of order and for things to be as they should.

There will be a day... 

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Fourth

death's grapple broken  
empty tomb -- life's full promise  
words take on new flesh   

He is risen.

He is risen indeed.

It indeed happened. They saw it with their own eyes. Just like He said. That means other things that He said were true or were going to come true.

I think it still didn't truly sink in though. Just like yesterday's question in the misery was, "What now?", I think their question today in the joy and amazement was, "What now?"

It's a question about direction and obedience.

But it is framed by who sits on the throne at the center of the universe.

Myself or the Creator of said universe?

Darkness or Light?

It is a question that ultimately gets asked of us everyday. But hopefully we look to the Resurrection for clues as to the appropriate answer which will lead to life to its fullest.

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Third

silent chaos spills  
dark torrents flood hopes, drown dreams  
ripples quiet grief  

A day filled with silence. Three years of promises, hopes, dreams, challenges, lessons, and miracles undone in a day.

The silent chaotic void hangs for a moment when it all comes flooding back.

The doubts, worries, fears, and questions churn and build upon each other until the fugue resounds with, "What now?"

After the last echo fades, the silence offers a meager solace as the day ends.
There's always tomorrow, right?

NaPoMo 2011: Day the Twenty Second

wood arms hold up flesh  
shudder - earth, sky shriek protests  
humanity's worst  

Good Friday.

If we are truly honest, there is nothing good about it. The only reason we call it good is because we have the benefit of hindsight being 20/20.

We look to Good Friday as the precursor of the Easter Weekend and roll it into the joy of the Resurrection. It becomes a sort of tailgate party prior to the Big Game. We know how the story ends, and it's okay, so let's party now.

I think that sometimes since we know what happens on Sunday, we gloss over what happened on Friday. We don't let it sink in and affect us.
I know we claim that we are grateful for the sacrifice for us and I am one of those, but I often forget to really sit and take in the moment of what is playing out. 
There is that brief pause between breaths. That instance where the switch occurs between the inhale and the exhale. Where the decision between life and death resides.
This is that moment. We have a choice to sit in the pause and ponder or we can rush into the next breath without thinking. Do we elongate the pause so we can see what has truly happened.
We can see and feel the weight of our own depravity. We can mourn the actions of humanity.

Of our humanity.

Our Western culture is so uncomfortable with pain and loss that we rush off to the next happy thing without taking the pause to grieve.

To mourn the loss of our innocence in the Fall.

To grieve our attitudes, behaviors, and actions which led to the death of a perfect man.

To wallow in the pause and allow the darkness to press in and cloak us with the truth of our wretchedness.

Today is a black day and I, for one, am holding my breath. I don't want to shirk the grief.

Because it should make the Rescue taste sweeter when I inhale Sunday.



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